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Prepare Yourself 

  • I am excited to meet you, and although Spirit will do the work, you should prepare for your reading.

  • I begin by asking how I can help you, or what's in your heart. It's helpful to prepare at least two or three topics to discuss. Your preparation also helps me channel; Spirit will take the lead. My Angel oracle cards and pendulum can also be beneficial. 

  • You are welcome to take notes and record your session, so research and download a voice recording app on your phone and/or bring your favorite journal. I am on the recording as well so my intellectual property and privacy are involved. If you want to share your recording with a family member or your therapist, please ask me first. I will most likely will say yes. 

  • If you are a skeptic, please consider whether or not this experience is for you. It's hard to receive messages for skeptics as disbelief can block information. 

  • Meditate, pray or talk to your angels, Spirit, and deceased loved ones. In addition to making an appointment with me, also ask your departed loved ones to join us. 

  • Trust and relax. If you’re nervous, let me know so we can take a fee minutes to put you at ease. Our discussions are confidential and I do not judge any of your life story.  This is a session to share guidance from Spirit and loved ones.  I cannot hear or know anything you do not want to share.                                        

  • Ask questions beginning with what, why, and how, so you can explore issues in depth. For example, perhaps ask “what was I suppose to learn from my relationship with my father?” Rather than, “Did my father love me?” 

  • The flow of energy will keep our session at a very high level. Open yourself to all information. You may not understand all that you hear, and some things will not make immediate sense, but you may understand items afterwards. And, you may not always hear exactly what you want, rather what your loved one in heaven feels is important. 

  • I offer sessions on Zoom, and in-person in the Iowa City area. If using Zoom, find a comfortable, private place for your reading. You should be alone unless you are sharing a session with someone, and arrange that everyone present each pay the session fee. Spirit will have messages for each person who is present. I am not able to read for you if you're driving.

  • Have your payment ready. You can pay at the end of the session with cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. The fee is $85 for one hour. including processing fees for all electronic transactions.

  • My advice is not a substitute for services or advice from any professional or skilled practitioner.  I do not offer nor claim to provide a substitute for medical treatment.  You are advised to continue medical treatment and therapies as directed by your medical team and all other professionals. I disclaim all liability in regard to actions taken, or not taken, based on any or all advice given to you. 

  •  Most important, enjoy the experience. You should feel as if you’re having a conversation. It’s a two-way conversation, so ask questions, participate fully, and have fun. 

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