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Teresa Mary 
Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Empath 

Whether this is your first visit, or you’re a returning visitor, thank you for stopping by my site. I am an Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Empath. I receive messages from your Spiritual team to help you navigate your path to self-discovery, happiness, healing, and love.  I can channel golden light of universal energy to help alleviate your aches and pains. Together we confidentially journey into your past and current issues with Spiritual guidance, healing, and love.  Always remember, your pure intention and needs lead our sessions. Contact me today for a fascinating experience. How can I help you today? 


About Me

I believe everyone has Spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who collectively create a personal, Spiritual team. I channel and deliver messages to you from your team. I also believe we each have a guardian angel, and more likely two, guardian angels.  Angels precede all organized, human religions and are messengers.  Although my education is in science and business, as I earned both a BS and MBA, my career was in non-profit management.  I've worked for schools, universities and in performing arts, visual arts, and human services.  My spiritual journey has played an important role in my life-work balance as my angels and Spirit guides have been with me throughout my life to guide me.

My awakening began in 2007 when my angels brought forth my loved ones and acquaintances who had passed. Messages, visions, and dreams helped me develop a deep sense of seeing, hearing, feeling and recognizing feelings of Spirit's presence. One friendly spirit would not let me ignore her, as she kept turning on a bathroom makeup mirror at 3 a.m., even after I had unplugged it from the socket. 

In 2017, two incredible experiences with Spirit led me to earnestly develop my gifts.  I found the guidance of a gifted, spiritual teacher and began study, taking classes, and practicing daily mediation. 

Today, I work with clients regularly. I primarily channel directly with Sprit, and I pull Angel Oracle Cards, and use a pendulum for divination.  

I am honored that strong, vivid, loving, divine messages pass through me with pure intention to help and heal. I welcome the opportunity to schedule a confidential reading with you.

Email me to schedule a reading at: teresa@teresamary.com


My Services

Personalized Care and Guidance


Private Reading, either one-to-one in person or on a Zoom call which I can arrange,

$80 for a one-hour session 

These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, to help you sort both past and current issues. Prepare for your visit with one or two issues or questions you’ve been seeking guidance regarding family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and more. I use a pendulum, Angel Oracle Cards, and primarily connect with direct channeling from your Spiritual team.

Clover Leaves

Pet Communication

$40 for 30 minute session

Losing the unconditional love of a beloved pet can be traumatic and make life very difficult. I work with clients on a deep, emotional level, to hear from a beloved pet.   Let me see if I can help you.

Healing Stones

Cleansing Your Home or Office

Consultation is free

When dense energies need to be cleared in your home or business, I can help.  While most buildings have benign spirits or ghosts, often misplaced entities, attachments, and others need to be removed and returned to where they belong.  Clearing is an involved process and requires a minimum of 90 minutes to remove what is not wanted and close portals. This can be done energetically on the phone but is most effective walking room to room.  
I will provide a free consultation before any service is performed, so we can decide if I can assist you. Fees depend on the disturbance, your need or request, the square footage of the space, and my travel expenses.  Fees are typically $200 for up to a 2,500 square feet space.

Holding Hands

Energy Healing

$80 for a one-hour session. 

Working with the pure intention from clients, high vibrational music, and golden, universal healing energy, I can alleviate aches and pains. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today. Free consultation

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Prepare Yourself 

  • I am excited to meet you, and although Spirit will do the work, you should prepare for your reading.

  • I begin by asking how I can help you, or what's in your heart. It's helpful to prepare at least two or three topics to discuss. Your preparation also helps me channel; Spirit will take the lead. My Angel oracle cards and pendulum can also be beneficial. 

  • You are welcome to take notes and record your session, so research and download a voice recording app on your phone and/or bring your favorite journal. I am on the recording as well so my intellectual property and privacy are involved. If you want to share your recording with a family member or your therapist, please ask me first. I will most likely will say yes. 

  • If you are a skeptic, please consider whether or not this experience is for you. It's hard to receive messages for skeptics as disbelief can block information. 

  • Meditate, pray or talk to your angels, Spirit, and deceased loved ones. Ask them to be with you at your session, and be open to what they may say. 

  • Trust and relax. Our discussions are confidential and I do not judge any of your life story.  This is a session to share guidance from Spirit and loved ones.  I cannot hear or know anything you do not want to share. 

  • I offer sessions on Zoom, and in-person in the Iowa City area. If using Zoom, find a comfortable, private place for your reading. You should be alone unless you are sharing a session with someone, and arrange that everyone present each pay the session fee. Spirit will have messages for each person who is present. I am not able to read for you if you're driving.

  • Have your payment ready. You can pay at the end of the session with cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. The fee is $80 for one hour. There is a $3.00 processing fee for all electronic transactions. You can mail a check to me prior to our session to avoid the processing charges, let me know so I can share my address.

  • My advice is not a substitute for services or advice from any professional or skilled practitioner.  I do not offer nor claim to provide a substitute for medical treatment.  You are advised to continue medical treatment and therapies as directed by your medical team and all other professionals. I disclaim all liability in regard to actions taken, or not taken, based on any or all advice given to you.


Contact Me

Are you looking for guidance, healing, or perhaps would like to receive confirmation your life is on the right path?  Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people connect with their Spiritual team to question, learn, release, heal, and thrive. Contact me today.


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Client Testimonials

What my clients say is extremely important to me. Without their satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I am invested in making sure that they’re happy with the psychic services I provide. Take a look at what people have said about working with me and get in touch today.

"I asked Teresa for a reading to understand an issue in my life.  Her reading was insightful and the guidance I received has charted a path toward good things."

Frank, Iowa

"Teresa taught me so much in classes I attended. I’ve felt the presence of my angels since she showed how to access that energy. She provided additional resources for continuing my study which I found very helpful!"

Mary, Iowa

"When I met Teresa, I put my hand on her shoulder and though I have intuitive gifts, I've never felt a vibration like this.  She was receiving message and that intensity of energy is hard to put into words.  I actually felt energy coming through her.   I know she is legitimate, she has the gift. Her reading that gave me comfort, healing, and so much love. Her guidance and resources she shared continues to help me"

Vanessa, Florida

"The reading with Teresa was very comforting for me. She made me feel that  healing the relationship with my mother was not only possible but was already happening and was in my control. Also, her suggestion that I create my own team of angels was very empowering. I appreciated Teresa’s sense of awe as she listened for the angels and believed her openness made it possible for the angels to visit. "

Joann, New York

"I had never seen an Angel Communicator prior to meeting Teresa, but can say with absolute confidence that she is the real deal. I honestly still can't believe the all details she was able to produce regarding my spiritual team, family, and life. I feel lighter and happier after connecting with my family in such a way. I will be forever grateful. 🙏🏼"

Olivia, Iowa

I love working with Teresa. She definitely is very talented and gifted as a medium. Teresa gave me guidance to contact with my grandma, and I can channel her in prayer or other ways within me. Through this reading I was guided to forgive and move on, and take a career path that I am currently on. 
She has a true gift and I am very blessed to have spent this time with her. She gave me such clarity, closure and hope. 
With love and gratitude,

Cheryl, Iowa

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"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"

Antoine de Saint-Exupery